Gutturnio Superiore Doc

60% Barbera  40% Croatina  

Marble Statue


During the Roman period the ''Gutturnium'' was a two liters silver jug which was shared among guests during banquets. It is the most important wine-related relic in our region and it was found on May the 23rd 1878 on the Po river bank near the small village of Croce Santo Spirito. It can be seen today at the Capitoline Museum in Rome

The Gutturnio was formerly appreciated as a noble still wine, among the first ten to receive the DOC appellation and it was produced by the richest lords on large ''tonneaux'' till the late 1800's. Thanks to the post-war booming economy, vinegrowers started to buy some land and produce their own wine using, however, cheaper cement tanks and bottling it much earlier. This caused the wine to often have residual sugar and naturally referment inside the bottle creating the sparkling style that got popular nowadays.

we are fond of the "noble" Gutturnio: still, dry with much more complexity and potential for aging


Hand picked with late harvest in the last week of September and processed in 20kg crates to preserve quality and flavor


300-400 masl elevation high concentration of clay soils with limestone sediment dating back the Piacenziano era classical cordon training (single guyot) on +25yo vines low density vineyards on steep slopes (up to 45% gradient)


vivid ruby wine with marked legs and purple shades. On the nose, it has a generous bouquet of red plums and cherries with fresh spices hints such as liquorice and juniper. Still, dry with a confident body weight that is perfectly complemented by the all the flavours complexity. Red ripe fruits are swirling together with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and cedar plus a touch of jam and raisins: all balanced by the rich acidity backbone which is confirming its strong potential for aging. Best served 10 to 15 min after opening