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Making Wine

Alessandro ''il Racca''

Wine enthusiast and entrepeneur: took my family pass-time and turned it into real passion. You'll find me working in the fields to harvest the best grapes and give you the most authentic wines. 

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Morena DipWSET

Spent some time in the UK selling the world's wines: now I want the world to discover mine. You'll find me round and about presenting and revealing new grapes and flavours

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Woman at Vineyard

Technical Stuff 

We are right at the beginning of the Appenines range: between Parma and Piacenza, the perfect gateway for nature and clean air; our vineyards span across a tiny surface (3ha) and 

our soils are predominantly rich in clay and limestone with an elevated percentage of fossil deposits going back to the paleolithic age.

Yes, these high hills were once covered by the sea. 

visit Piacenziano Natural Reserve website for more on our peculiar region


Our vineyards stretch between 300 and 400masl over some of the steepest slopes in the region with an optimal exposure. An average annual rainfall of approximately 700mm prevents our vines from suffering  excessive water stress while the warm winds blowing from the Tyrrhenian ensure a good evaporation rate preserving quality and flavors.

Pruning methods include a classic double Guyot for our richest reds and Casarsa for whites. This is a traditional cordon spur training approach that allows grape to seek shelter from the strong summer sunlight maintaining structure and minerality even on a late harvesting season. 

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