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 Val d'Arda

Creeks and small rivers such as the "Arda" span all across the Appennine's northern border creating some of the steepest slopes in this region. 

Two of the most renowned medieval villages, Castell'Arquato and Vigoleno, are just 5 minute away: also here famous destinations such as Tabiano or Salsomaggiore natural springs, the "Nature & Geologic Reserve of Piacenziano" area and the lovely town of Vernasca. 

Crossed by the "via Francigena" path, we are also in the middle of the food valley where Parmigiano, Tortelli and some of the best cured meats are born. 

 That's the reason why our robust reds and fragrant whites always found their perfect companions here. The world already knows the way we eat, it's time to let them know how we drink! 

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SQNPI - sistema di qualità nazionale di produzione integrata

supervised control” (in English), is today answer to past use of chemicals, a pragmatic approach to farming, where human interventions are used only when absolutely necessary. Biodiversity in the vineyards is encouraged through the planting of cover crops, rigorous plowing of the soils, following organic methods and  more environmentally-friendly concepts such as integrated pest management. more on

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